Menguak Scandal Foto Artis Viann Zhang

So many bit part, b-list actresses and wannabe models are having phone or photo malfunctions that it is almost a rite of passage.

They often promise something elicit but are tame by comparison with their modeling shots.
Step forward mainland model and actress Viann Zhang (张馨予), who has a set of “bedroom photos” posted online.

The widely circulated pictures were posted by a man with the Internet handle of “Elegant Guy”, who is supposedly Viann’s ex and appears happy to appear in the pics.
The curvaceous star is seen in bed with her partner and being mauled a little bit.

She has admitted it is her in the pics but claimed they were taken by her university bf, long before she started her entertainment career.

My point is, that these photos are tamer than the shots she does when she models.
The more revealing shots are the commercial ones, the boring ones are the supposedly ex-rated bedroom pics.

I’m not even sure sex photo scandal means anything these days. It’s just a promotional tool.
Call me jaded.


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